The girl from the other side of the ocean

Let’s run together in the filthy mountains
and let us meet each other there.
Let’s make a race who finds themselves
Let’s start to feel poetry,
in the trees, in the palms and in the ocean
wavering down at us,
telling us to be free.
Let’s see what’s there left for us
and I promise you,
it will be left so much.
Let’s burn ourselves in the sun
’cause sun is happiness only when far,
but not so far;
and again as fenix,
let us reborn.
Let’s try to find love,
maybe we won’t find it here,
but in the road of trying.
Let’s find peace within our minds,
and let’s find humanity within our existence
it’s all hidden there,
at the other side of the ocean.
I’ll be waiting.


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